Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Hole in the Pants

This post can be filed under TMI.  Seriously, in my world it’s filed under, “Things I never thought I would have to worry about and can’t believe I’m talking about.”
But, here it goes.
I have a horrible case of chub rub!
Let’s back up…
I have very specific parameters when it comes to Race Day pants.
1.       They have to be dry wick fabric (of course)
2.       They have to have a draw string.  I don’t want the feeling of low rise pants on my high waist body during a race
3.       They need a pocket… Hello?! Shot Blocks, etc.
I have, or HAD, the perfect pair of pants.
Nike Crop, black, sleek.  They made my butt look FAAAASSSSTTTT….
This past Sunday it was fixin’ to be warm.  So rather than cool weather long pants, I brought out the tried and true Nikes.  They’ve done multiple races with me, numerous training runs and countless treadmill workouts.  They never let me down.
Until Sunday.
I’m used to a bit of chaffing from a race. I use Glide, especially on my inner thighs.   That’s a problem area for a lot of ladies and for me, I’m not entirely convinced that part will ever go away, regardless of how much weight I lose.
But on Sunday, the unthinkable happened.  Somewhere during the first 5K of my Half Marathon, my chub rubbed a HOLE in my pants and I spent the next 10 miles or approximately 2 hours, with my bare thigh skin rubbing through the hole in my pants against my other leg.
I could feel something was off, but I wasn’t going to stop.  I kept going and I finished. After going through the finish line, getting refreshments and my gear bag, I checked my thighs.
It wasn’t pretty. And I’m still feeling it.
I went and bought diaper cream. Oh yes, one of my friends recommended Desitin as a form of relief and it does relieve it…. a little.
When I started running, I thought, “There go my knees.” “Shin splints for me” “Why does my a$$ hurt so badly?”
But who knew a little “Chub Rub” could be so bad?  It hurts and it’s ugly. 
But it’s also MINE.  Is it weird I’m a little bit proud of my road rash?  This reminder that I set out to do an amazing thing and accomplished it?
I don’t care if it’s weird. It is how I feel .
Plus, it gave me a reason to go to the Nike Outlet and replace the old with some new (and some extra!)
RIP PANTS 2011-2013
You served me well...