Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Letter to My Body After Spin Class

Dear Body,

Last night I made you take your first spin class AFTER running 2.5 miles. Maybe it wasn't the best idea and for that I apologize. However, I'm probably going to make you do it again.

The bruises on your butt?
Imagine how it would have felt if I hadn't brought that gel bike seat cover. They'll go away.

The soreness in your shoulders?
That's just them getting acclimated with being used in a new and different way. Those are strong shoulders, that sometimes carry the weight of the world, they'll feel better and it will get easier.

Your legs feel like jello now, but they're getting stronger. Stairs will be hard today, harder tomorrow and then you'll be able to fly up them with your usual swiftness again!

I know it was hard. I know you couldn't do everything the instructor and I asked you to do. BUT-It's going to get easier.

You're already getting stronger, leaner and doing things I never thought you could do.

YOU CAN DO THIS....but I won't make you try again until next week. ;)

With love and respect,

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