Friday, May 20, 2011

I found a blog the other day on the website Sparkpeople by a user named Jenswims. It was entitled "176 Reasons to Lose 176 pounds" She encouraged others to make similar lists.

As I approach the half way mark on my journey to lose weight (6 more pounds to go!) and become a happier and healthier ME, I thought making a list would be inspirational, motivational and let's face it, a bit funny! So here it is, 75 reasons for me to lose 75 MORE pounds and gain a whole new life!


I want to be genuinely happy

I like to run. (I know? Right?!)

I want to be a woman who doesn't have to shop in the "Women's" section!

Because going upstairs to grab something shouldn't be a chore

I like not having to use a seatbelt extender on airplanes

I want to ride roller coasters without worrying I won't fit.

I want to run a 5K in under 35 minutes

I want to feel as good about my outsides as I do about my insides

I want to be attractive to the opposite sex (the same sex can think I'm hot too, but I don't want to do them)

I would like to have children some day.

I want to have clearer skin

I want to look good in a swimsuit and not worry about covering up

I don't want to get diabetes

Wouldn't it be excellent if my thighs didn't rub together anymore?

Being funny and pretty is much more fun than just "funny"

Thinner calves mean sexier boots

Vacations that include bikinis, the ocean and the outdoors.

I don't want to be the token fat girl anymore

I want to wear and look hot in really skimpy lingerie

I like the feeling of setting and meeting goals

I want to run a 1/2 marathon

So the celebrity I'm compared to isn't Ricki Lake (no offense Ricki!)

Because it means I'm treating myself with respect

So I don't have to say, "I love purses, they always fit" because clothes will always fit too

I want ankles, not cankles

So that my thighs and ass are strong instead of jiggly

So I can do a cartwheel

Losing weight improves hirsutism, which means I'll be less of a hairy beast

So I look less like a linebacker and more like a track star!

For all the times I'll step on the scale and feel happy and accomplished

To stop saying things like, "I'll do (fill in the blank) when I lose weight"

HOT SEX! (If you're reading this Mom, sorry.)

New Boobs! (Oh, I'm getting them!)

Running in shorts!

I want to learn to surf

I want to learn to scuba dive

I want to learn to play guitar and speak italian (I figure with all my new found confidence, I'll
be able to do anything!)

I want to run the stairs at COC and feel tired, but not like I want to die

I want to run the LA marathon-in theory

Smaller clothes fit better in suitcases which means I can REALLY overpack!

I want to do yoga and feel good about it

Because it means I didn't give up

Because the world will benefit from my positive attitude

Skinny jeans that are really skinny

Booty shorts that don't make me feel like my hoohah is hanging out

Backless shirts

I like having more energy


One size fits all clothes (how about one size fits "small" is more like it)

I like buying girl t-shirts vs. boy t-shirts

Not having to buy clothes online because I can't find clothes that fit in stores.

A whole new wardrobe, seriously! I will have NO CLOTHES THAT FIT at the end of this journey

I used to walk by a mirror and think, "Who's the fat chick following me?" Now I can look and not recognize myself because I'm so much thinner!

To quit hiding behind people in photos

Crossing my legs at the knees instead of crossing my ankles

To wear high heels and not feel like they're going to break due to my weight.

Because I like hearing , "Wow, how much weight have you lost? You look great!"

When I get on the scale at the Dr's office I want to be proud, not embarrassed

No more gross overhang of the gut!

Short sundresses

I want to wear cute and dainty panties under dresses instead of suck it all up and in contraptions

Because hearing, "I like big girls" doesn't feel like a compliment

I dream of the day where my gut doesn't stick out further than my boobs!

Because I don't want to look at a lawn chair and worry I might break it or not be able to get out of it once I'm in it.

To look (and feel) good naked

Because sore muscles is the good kind of hurt

Tailored clothes instead of loose clothes

It will ease the minds of my family and friends

Because it's not fun to ask for the XXL men's robe when you're going to the spa

To inspire others who need the inspiration

Because I LOVE summer

So when I go to the doctor for a cold or something else I don't get the information about my ailment AND information about being obese.(EVERY TIME!)

Because we're only meant to have ONE chin.

Because I only get one shot to live a happy and healthy life

Because liking myself is WAAAAY more important than any amount of food, no matter how delicious it is.

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