Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Herding Cats, Dog Puke and Other Stories of My First Half Marathon! (aka Part 3: The Final Chapter)

I’ve had some complaints. I didn’t “tell all” with my last two posts. They just seemed so LENGTHY!
Soooo…here’s a couple of gems I didn’t put in the last two blogs…ENJOY!!!

Don’t Worry, I Have Plan C

Around the time I was REALLY getting worried about my luggage, we came up with Plan B. Plan B was to get my second string running gear to Vegas by having Lu (my roomie) and Cody (Ditto’s hubby) meet at my house and pack it and bring it with him. But many of you don’t know I also had a Plan C.

Plan C included going shopping on Sunday morning. This would have worked although it would not have been very cost effective!

About 4pm, when my luggage hadn’t arrived and I hadn’t gotten a hold of Lu, I decided to have a cocktail. I ordered one of those fancy slushy drinks they have all over Vegas with the extra shot in a test tube. (No judgements, I needed a cocktail….badly!)
Anyway, I’m drinking my deliciousness when someone (ELSE) asks me what I’m going to do. Now, I recognize that people were concerned, but all the concern was freaking me out! I explained to my friend Plan B and then, probably because the drink was so strong, I held up 3 fingers and said “And don’t worry, I have Plan C”.

It got quiet for a second and the whole group (about 6 people) all busted out laughing at me….good thing I have a sense of humor about myself…because it was ridiculous and hilarious.

Herding Cats….

Poor Johnny! Somehow, he got roped into making sure we had a table for dinner.

In Vegas.
For 14 People.
Who were all staying in different hotels.

He’s such a trooper. He waited patiently from when we arranged to meet him until we all got there about an hour later.

As Johnny put it, “This is like herding cats!”

Luckily, it was a group of hungry (mostly thirsty) cats who wanted to be together.
The simple fact that WE ALL made it to this place for dinner, then met before and after the race was a miracle in itself.

Having such great, easy-going, FUN friends is a true blessing!

I Saw You But I Didn’t Know it Was You!

My friend, Cedric, came to Vegas. I haven’t seen him in over 2 years. We keep up on Facebook and I heart him to the moon and back. He’s such a great, irreverent, sweet soul. It was so awesome to see him and he gave me the biggest compliment of all.
He met us at the restaurant where the cats had been herded. We had a large party (14people) and were put in the corner as they generally do to loud obnoxious people. I was talking to friends, facing the wall when I received a text that simply said, “I’m here”.

I turned around and made a beeline for the bar and there he was. After a long hug and HUGE SMILE, Cedric said the 9 sweetest words in the English language…

”I saw you, but I didn’t know it was you!”

You see, he had walked to the table and only seen me from behind, he said I was so much smaller that he didn’t recognize me!
It was so awesome to see him!!!

I Can’t Get Over There, Let Me Text You A Picture

After the race we were tired, and sore, and tired. Ditto and I were lying in different beds in the hotel rooms with our legs up on the wall so the swelling would go down. Lying like this feels good after a race. Ditto was talking about her toes and the nails. It looks like she was sacrificing a toenail to the running Gods.

I told her I wanted to see it, but couldn’t move.

She told me she wanted me to see it, but couldn’t move.

Then she said, “I’ll text you a picture”
Which she did!

Lazy or Smart? You be the judge!


If you’ve read the other blogs you know that Ditto and I had to share the back seat of part of our airport ride with Cat and Jeff’s 90 pound yellow lab, Rex.
Well, we had to pick Rex up and take him home too. We got into the back seat with this enormous bucket of love and hit the road home.

The whole trip home was a discussion of what to do for dinner that night and what we would do for New Year’s Eve.

We were about 5 minutes away from home when another car cut in front of us causing us to swerve and for poor Rex to hit his nose on the back of Jeff’s seat.

Suddenly Rex was agitated. He was turning around in his seat, which in turn means dog butt in Ditto’s face. He got back into his original position and proceeded to vomit all over Ditto’s leg and a bit into her purse.

Now, the two of us are both holding ourselves up off the seats so dog throw up doesn’t drift over. After running 13 miles less than 24 hours before this is no easy feat. My legs were shaking and my head was out the window.

I was the lucky one.

Poor Ditto, puke on her jeans, and right next to the saddest, sorriest pooch in history.

We jumped out of the car as soon as it stopped and Ditto grabbed her luggage to change.

I grabbed her purse. It was the least I could do. I wouldn’t let her touch it, I cleaned it out. It wasn’t THAT awful.

Jeff cleaned out the car, while Cat laughed her butt off we me and Ditto in the kitchen. Cat was both horrified and amused. In her words, “It was like he sh!t out of his mouth!”

And Rex, well, he sat in the backyard for a while staring inside at us. Then he came in and apologized.

How can you stay mad at this face?

Overall, this experience was more than hard work and accomplishment. It was who I got to share this experience with.

Seasoned runners like Johnny, Joey, Deb, Ang, Sue and Cat

Rookies like Ryan, Ditto, Bil and Me

And who can forget our "Athletic Supporters"? Those who didn't run but cheered us on...Danielle, Jess, Nicole, Jeff, Vinson and Cedric!

My weekend could have been super stressful with lost luggage and so many people to organize, but it wasn't. It was awesome.

Seeing my friends waiting for me under the "Y" sign was as awesome a moment as crossing the finish line because when I felt like I couldn't run anymore these folks (and others that couldn't be there) were the ones who carried me.

Simply put...Be Jealous Because My Friends Are Awesome!

(oh, and they can beat your honor student in a foot race...)


  1. That is awesome Heather! You should be so proud. I am thinking about running the Rock & Roll Half Marathon in Seattle. Thinking being the key word. lol

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