Friday, September 11, 2015

This Body

A lot of people have posted a lot of opinions about the recent "Dear Fat People" YouTube video.  I wasn't going to say anything because I feel like it is unnecessarily mean and it gives the mean person power.  

But it made me think. Think about the stereotypes of people who are overweight and what they can or cannot do and will or will not do.  And it made me think about how mean I can be, especially to myself.

So rather than write an angry email to the video-maker or a scathing Facebook post I wrote myself a little list.  A list of all the things my body does and has...some are good, some not-so-good, but they're all of the wonderful things that make me who am I and break some of the stereotypes about overweight people.

And this list makes me love myself a little bit more and that's the most important part...

This Body:
Used to need a seat belt extender on airplanes
Used to be too big to ride rollercoasters
Sits all day at work
Needs glasses
Has big feet
Has tan arms
Has a not-so-tan stomach
Has an “inny”
Has stretchmarks
Has a sweet ass

Has a sense of humor

Wears dresses
Wears sweats
Wears spandex
Wears glide
Rocks skinny jeans
Rocks big earrings
Rocks high heels
Rocks running shoes
Needs a pedicure

Carries my nieces and nephews

Carries a purse
Carries groceries
Carries the weight of the world
Lifts weights
Swims with the kids
Swims laps

Plays Ultimate Frisbee

Plays Dodgeball
Sweats profusely
Sweats off make-up
Rides bikes
Does pilates

Hugs my mom

High-fives my dad

Dances with my friends

Kisses boys
Makes toasts
Makes toast

Loves pizza
Loves veggies
Loves milkshakes
Runs up stairs
Runs errands
Runs every weekend

Crosses finish lines
Finishes triathlons
Finishes marathons

Is obese

Is beautiful

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