Friday, October 28, 2011

I Motivate ME!

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I went to a Boot Camp last week.

Allow me to preface this story with how welcoming, fun and lovely the people running the Boot Camp were. There was no crazy Louis Gossett, Jr. guy calling me “May-O-Naise” as I drudged through mud and up and over walls. Just a super attractive, really nice couple who took turns leading us through some pretty tough exercises.

It was leg day.

It all started because I have a new friend. He recognized that I’m a “work in progress” and said, “Come to the Boot Camp. It’s free the first time. I’ll be there.”

So, a free Boot Camp, with support. Why not?

Here’s why not….. for me.

I am my own worst critic. I hate, LOATHE, when I can’t do something that everyone else is doing. Then I over do it. Every time I felt like I had to stop, I felt like a failure. This makes me want to quit, which in turn makes me pissed because I’ve come so far.

And apparently, I don’t like positive reinforcement.

My friend was so nice as he tried to motivate and inspire me to keep pushing...
“You got this Heather.”
“Just one more.”
“Don’t you quit”

Until I got to him during some crazy hopping exercise and said as I looked him dead in the eye, “I’d really like it if you just didn’t say anything, AT ALL.”

I MOTIVE MYSELF. I know when I can and can’t.

I know when I need a break.

I KNOW, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that even if a stop to rest I will finish EVERY.SINGLE.REP.

I’m not the fastest or the strongest or the thinnest.
However, I AM the most determined.

I want to succeed.
NO, scratch that, I NEED to succeed.
Failure is not an option and I will continue to push myself until….FOREVER.

So, although I may do another Boot Camp, I don’t want special treatment. I don’t want someone supporting just me.

I support myself.


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